Breads of India & Gourmet Curries

May 2017 Menu



Tandoori Tikka Aachari                                          12.95

(Tangy kababs of free range chicken breasts marinated and then slow barbecued in tandoor.            Specialty: Delhi, India) 

Delhi prides itself as the melting pot for several regional cuisines and turning them into sophisticated ’national dishes’. The marinade for this offering is prepared with ground and whole spices like fenugreek, onion seeds, mustard, black cumin and coriander seeds, green & black cardamoms, cinnamon, fennel seeds, dry mango-powder, yoghurt, chili paste, lemon juice, garlic, ginger and vinegar. The chunks of chicken breasts are kept overnight in this marinade. Barbecued in Tandoori oven and served with Basmati rice and salad.

Side order of Tikka Masala sauce, add $3 

Yarchi Kari                                                              12.95

(Leg of lamb in a coconut, poppy paste, tomatoes, coriander, lemon and onions based curry.  Specialty: Coorg, South India)

In our efforts to introduce patrons with regional Indian cuisines we present this dish from Coorg region of Karnataka State in South India. The wet base masala is prepared by grinding coriander seeds, coriander, fried red onions, tomatoes, poppy seeds, fresh coconut, cloves, cinnamon and tempered with curry leaves, turmeric, garlic and ginger. The leg of lamb cubes are added to this base and simmered on slow heat. Served with Basmati rice and salad.

Vindaloo Lamb Kofta                                              12.95

(Ground leg of California lamb meatballs cooked in a spicy Vindaloo sauce.                                        Specialty: Goa, India)

Visit to Goa of West India would be incomplete if you fail to taste one of the vindaloo curries this former Portuguese colony has to offer. The ground leg of fresh California lamb is mixed with several spices, garlic and ginger to create soft and juicy dumplings that are pickled in the paste of garlic, ginger, red onions, tomatoes, vinegar & chili paste, malt vinegar and several ground spices. The pickled koftas are sautéed along with the marination and served with Basmati rice and salad.

Pundu Kozhi                                                          11.95

(Free range chicken and roasted garlic pods cooked in South Indian style curry sauce.              Specialty: Kerala, India)

This delicacy is a classic representative of the Kerala cuisine in the South. The garlic odor is removed by pan roasting garlic pods and kept aside. The base is prepared with fresh tomatoes, red onions, sliced ginger, coconut milk, curry leaves and a blend of South Indian spices. The chunks of chicken thighs are added to the base curry along with roasted garlic pods & chives and slow cooked to perfection. Served with Basmati rice and salad.

Kukar Punjabi                                                         11.95

(Free-range chicken in curry made with red onions, ginger, garlic, tomatoes and tangy spices.   Specialty: Punjab, India)

Recipe for this succulent, Punjabi chicken dish comes from the Royal Kitchen of Patiala in Punjab. Cooked in three steps of marinating, tempering and then adding to a sauce made with red onions, garlic, ginger and tomatoes. The final touch to the curry is given by adding crackle-tempering whole coriander seeds and served with basmati rice and salad.

Bengali Chingri                                                       12.95

(Jumbo shrimps cooked in Bengali style five-spice flavored curry sauce.                                          Specialty: Bengal, India)

In the rest of India when we think or talk about Bengali cuisine, seafood comes to mind promptly! Bengalis are immensely fond of seafood, especially fish, cooked in umpteen styles. The garlic-ginger-turmeric marinated shrimps are sautéed along with mustard seeds & curry leaves and added to a curry prepared with red onions, tomatoes and freshly ground masala called Panchphora containing ground spices like mustard seeds, fenugreek seeds, onion seeds, fennel and cumin seeds. Served with Basmati rice and salad.


Kashmiri Dum Aloo                                                   8.95

(Whole white potato stuffed with tempered and mashed vegetables to cooked in a thick Kashmiri saffron gravy.

        Specialty: Kashmir, India)

Hard boiled potatoes are hollowed with a special tool and stuffed with tempered & mashed vegetables like cauliflowers, potatoes, green beans, carrots, seed kernels, cashews and raisins. The base sauce is prepared with tomatoes, garlic, ginger, garam masala, saffron and fennel seeds powder. The stuffed potatoes are added to this sauce and cooked in dum (pressure steaming) process to bring out all hidden aromas from the spices used. Served with Basmati rice and salad. 

Riyasti Korma                                                          8.95

(Delicacy of button mushrooms, green peas and puffed lotus seeds in a nutty sauce.                       Specialty: Uttar Pradesh, India)

A classic dish created by the traditional cooks of yesteryears and usages of expensive ingredients like saffron and cashews this dish, its appropriately named Riyasti Korma meaning a Royal dish! A thick sauce is prepared with red onions, garlic, ginger, tomatoes, cashew paste and a blend of 18 spices. The puff-roasted lotus seeds, button mushrooms and green peas are gradually added to the base sauce and served with Basmati rice and salad.

Thengai Usli                                                             8.95

(Mixed vegetables cooked in a coconut, curry leaves and mustard seeds based curry.        Specialty: Tamil Nadu, India)

The offered dish has been taken from the rural cuisine of the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The abundance of coconut grown in this coastal region has contributed hugely to the local cuisine. Usli or the potpourri of several vegetables is prepared by first soaking baby pearl potatoes, cauliflowers, plantains, blue lake beans, carrots, lotus roots and bell peppers in a mixer of lightly salted coconut milk. The base is prepared with julienne of red onions, garlic paste, ginger and tomatoes tempered with mustard seeds, curry leaves, asafetida, turmeric powder and a spice blend. The coconut milk soaked vegetables are added to the base and simmered on slow heat. Served with Basmati rice and salad.

Tadka Daal                                                                 6.95

Slow cooked red masoor daal is tempered with garlic, ginger, red onions, jalapeno chilies, cumin and asafetida spices.

Vegetable Pakoras                                                      3.95

Deep fried vegetable fritters made chickpea flour, pomegranate, cumin, coriander seeds and fenugreek.

Samosa                                                                       3.95

Two traditionally prepared, deep fried patties stuffed with spice tempered potatoes and green peas. Served with mint and tamarind chutneys.

Yogurt Raita                                                              2.50

Smoothed homemade plain yogurt with grated cucumbers lightly spiced with roasted cumin powder.

          Featured Breads of Month         3.00

1. Varqui Paratha: griddle-cooked, whole wheat, four-layered bread flavored with oregano seeds. 2. Gadai Roti: a griddle-cooked, whole wheat bread stuffed with mashed green peas spiced with cumin seeds, jalapeno, garlic and chopped cilantro. 3. Tulsi Ki Naan:  white flour tandoori bread flavored with freshly chopped oriental basil. 4. Adrak Mirchi Naan:  white flour tandoori bread, garnished with chopped jalapeno chilies & ginger. 5. Dill Ki Naan:  white flour tandoori bread, garnished with freshly chopped dill herb. 6. Dhingri Kulcha: tandoori, white flour bread prepared by using yeast, milk, yoghurt, salt and garnished with chopped & spiced button mushrooms.

Garlic Naan, Plain Naan, Tandoori Chapatti, Plain Paratha, Plain Kulcha are also available.

Text Box: We use California grown, free range fresh poultry and legs of Lamb. Home-blended spices, fresh vegetables and select ingredients are used. No freezer or microwave used. Corkage fee is $10 per bottle.  Guest brought cake/desert is served for the flat fee of $1 per person.           Featuring Gluten Free Besan Poora, chickpea flour bread flavored with fenugreek herb & onions ($4)